Teeth Straightening

How your teeth look can affect your self confidence, and making the decision to straighten your teeth can be exciting and a little daunting. You may be excited about having a new, straight smile, but concerned about how you will look while your teeth are changing.

Orthodontic treatment will straighten the teeth or move them into a better position. This can improve their appearance and the way the teeth bite together, while also making them easier to clean. Click below to book an appointment with us.

Capture Aligner For Ak Tree

| Invisible braces

Invisible braces treatment involves several sets of specially moulded, slightly different aligners made for each patient. Each set is worn for two weeks before being replaced with the next one. They are made of clear plastic, so they are nearly invisible. This means that no one need know you are straightening your teeth.

    | Fixed Braces

    Often, teeth need to be guided more accurately than they can be using a removable brace. So a fixed brace is used. This has brackets and bands which are temporarily stuck to the teeth. A flexible wire joins all the brackets and allows the teeth to be moved. You can’t take the appliance out yourself, so it is called a fixed appliance

      Treatments Styling

      Smile styling

      Our Oak Tree Dental & Implant Clinic dentists are experienced in restoring smiles. We use smart technology and expert techniques to achieve your dental goals.

      Replacing Teeth

      Replacing teeth

      Our dentists can help restore your confidence with replacements for missing teeth: from single implants to bridges, only you will know they’re there.

      Emergency Deneral Dentistry Emergency

      Emergency dentistry

      If you’re in pain and you need to see a dentist urgently, we can help you. Talk to one of our friendly team and we will make sure that you’re seen as soon as possible.


      Facial aesthetics

      The good news is, you don’t have to live with lines, wrinkles and scars. Oak Tree Dental & Implant Clinic offers a wide range of facial aesthetic treatments,

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